Strategic Plan/Teams

In 2023 the Dunlap Community Unit School District embarked on a journey to continue setting the course for the future. A team of 45 participants (including students, parents, teachers, Dunlap Education Association Co-Presidents, administrators, school board members, community members and government elected officials) worked together during the 2023-2024 school year to answer questions such as: What will the future look like in 5 years? What will the Dunlap School District need to do to succeed? How will we know if we have been successful? What are the challenges we will be facing? Will we be ready for those challenges? What does the desired “future state” of our District look like 5 years from now? How will we systemically transform our District from good to great?

The Dunlap Strategic Plan is the answer to these questions and our staff and stakeholders are pivotal to assuring our success in accomplishing all that we have set out to do in the next five years. We will concentrate on meeting the goals and objectives identified in our strategic plan and will rely on our values and beliefs to accomplish our mission of empowering students to excel in a global society. We'll use our balanced scorecard to monitor our progress and will use continuous improvement processes and tools to make systemic improvements. Finally, teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership will be crucial to transforming the District which will have an emphasis on 21st century learning.