In alignment with the District’s values of continuous improvement through teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership, our key function is to support 21st century teaching and learning! Specifically, we support our District’s strategic mission which is to empower all students to excel in a global society by being:

  • Self-motivated learners
  • Critical thinkers
  • Effective communicators
  • Skilled collaborators
  • Responsible and culturally aware citizens
  • Technologically capable creators


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Dunlap Code of Conduct



Electronic Communications

Every day in the Dunlap School District we utilize valuable communication tools to do our jobs and enhance our productivity. Access to and use of e-mail, Internet, voicemail, and company cell phones are commonplace. When we use these tools in our daily business activities, there are certain guidelines we all must follow to assure they are used appropriately. These guidelines are designed to support a positive, professional business climate and apply whenever we utilize the District's communications systems and equipment.

All communication systems and equipment, and all communications sent, received, or stored in these systems, regardless of location, belong to the District. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, the District may monitor these communications at any time. The District reserves the right to restrict access to Internet sites due to offensive content, data security risks, or other reasons. However, the fact a specific site can be accessed does not imply that the site is in compliance with this procedure. This includes e-mails, information pulled from the Internet, and documents saved to your hard drive, among others. If you are aware of inappropriate usage, please notify your Principal. Any personal use should be limited and requires good judgment and discretion. If you have any questions regarding what is “good judgment and discretion,” please discuss with your direct supervisor.

Use passwords to help maintain electronic communication system security. Passwords allow the District to protect our systems. But keep in mind that passwords do not guarantee the confidentiality of your communications. You should not have any expectation of personal privacy in using company systems or equipment.

Be professional at all times. The District's electronic communications systems are intended to be used for business purposes and the transmittal of business related information. Messages or solicitations regarding commercial, religious, or political causes, or any solicitations that are not work related, should not be sent or circulated unless approved by your Principal. Usage that is illegal, harassing, discriminatory or offensive to others, or that involves obscene, vulgar or sexually explicit content, or that negatively affects your productivity or that of others, is prohibited.

Do not misrepresent yourself in any communications. You are personally accountable for any messages you send or forward.

The District continuously pursues reasonable measures to reduce the volume of unsolicited, non-business e-mail messages from the Internet. It is not possible, however, to automatically identify all documents that include unwanted or offensive content. If you receive an occasional unsolicited e-mail message, delete it. Repeated occurrences should be brought to the attention of your Principal.

The use of the District's electronic network is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges and possible discipline if deemed necessary.



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