"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Welcome! The work of the Curriculum Department centers around District Strategic Goal #1: To continually improve student growth and achievement.

The key functions of this department are to ensure support for 21st century teaching and learning. Recognizing that “all children can learn, they learn at different rates and different ways” as per the District’s core value.

  • Curriculum development
  • Curriculum alignment
  • Instructional support and professional development for the teaching staff
  • Assessment coordination and development
  • Monitoring student progress
  • Aligning Priorities with Student Services

District Performance Profile
The online Illinois Interactive Report Card for Dunlap CUSD #323 can be found here.  It contains a variety of information including district demographics, academic profile, staffing, and per pupil spending. Listed below are academic highlights from the District Report Card.

Department Staff

Matt Andrews

Titles: Director of Curriculum

Stefanie Crawford

Titles: Instructional Coach

Jodi Gordon

Titles: Instructional Coach

Natalie Lanser

Titles: Curriculum Specialist

Stefanie Pitzer

Titles: Instructional Coach

Curriculum Resources

District Performance Profile

The online Illinois Interactive Report Card for Dunlap CUSD #323 can be found here.  It contains a variety of information including district demographics, academic profile, staffing, and per pupil spending. Listed below are academic highlights from the District Report Card.

Course Scope and Sequence Documents

Scope and Sequence Documents are available for each grade-level, subject, or course. Each document outlines which specific learning standards are focused upon during different parts of the school year. As content used if the vehicle to introduce, develop, and master a specific learning standard, the content that teachers use is not necessarily listed. Teachers plan based on student readiness, interest, and preferred learning style, so any content-specific questions will want to be directed to the appropriate teacher.

The documents are organized by subject and then grade level. High school documents are organized by course name. A link to the website can be found here.

Elementary World Language Program

Currently the Dunlap School District offers a World Language Program for kindergarten through fifth grade students.

The program model is a communicative immersion approach in which students will be learning through routines, thematic units, songs, movement, conversation and games. Formative assessment will take place throughout the unit and three forms of Summative assessment will take place at the conclusion of each unit; Interpretive Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Presentational Communication.

Please visit the Elementary World Language Wiki Page for further information.

Elementary Enrichment Eagles Program

The Dunlap Community Unit School District #323 believes that while all children can learn, they learn at different rates and in different ways. Gifted and talented children are those who demonstrate or have the potential to demonstrate exceptional levels of intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership abilities. In order to fully develop such capabilities, these students require differentiated education programs beyond those provided by the general education curriculum.

Enrichment Eagles
The Enrichment Eagles program offers services for qualifying students in grades 3 through 5. 

Enrichment Eagles Process (an Overview)
Enrichment Eagles Sponsors review scores in order to identify exceptional learners for participation in the Enrichment Eagles Program. Numerous ability and achievement assessments scores are reviewed to determine qualifying students. The newly updated Enrichment Eagles Handbook describes the identification process more in-depth.

Parents of qualifying students will receive an invitation letter prior to the beginning of the school year. Students in 4th and 5th grades who qualified during the previous school year will automatically be asked to participate.

An informational meeting will be held for parents and students at individual schools each September, and the Enrichment Eagles Program will then begin for students. 

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) provides information about a student's level and pattern of cognitive development and is administered to students in grades two, four, and six.

You can visit the CogAT website for more details about the assessment and learn how to interpret your student's ability profile by clicking here. Additionally, you can view the district-created CogAT presentation by clicking here.

Appeal Process for Enrichment Services
Numerous academic and ability scores as well as teacher recommendation are reviewed to identify students in need of enrichment services. If you believe that an error in identification has occurred based upon one or more of the conditions described below you may submit a letter of appeal.

Appeals must be based upon one or more of the following conditions:

  1. A circumstance believed to have caused a misinterpretation of the testing results
  2. i.e., incorrect birthdate or grade level used in calculating the student’s score
  3. An inequitable application of the identification procedures
         i.e., the applicant’s proficiency with the English Language
  4. An extraordinary and temporary circumstance that negatively affected the validity of the test results.
         i.e., a traumatic event or situation immediately preceding the test

If you believe one or more of these conditions apply to your child, you will need to submit a letter to your child’s principal. The letter should include the following: 

             1.      The condition that affected your child’s performance
             2.      Any additional information that supports your appeal
             3.      Your name, address, and phone number as well as your child’s name, grade, and school.

Appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Committee, which includes teachers and administrative staff.  All submitted documents are closely and carefully reviewed.  The Committee is looking for evidence that the results of the testing are not a true representation of the child’s abilities.  The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. Parents will receive written notification of the decision.

Elementary appeals for the Enrichment Eagles must be submitted by the end of the first day of student attendance.

Resources & Website Links
Enrichment Eagles Website

Enrichment Eagles Sponsors

Banner Dunlap Grade Hickory Grove Ridgeview Wilder-Waite
Shaela Hudson Sam Kraushaar Leslie Bee
Jackie Gombert
Hope Hamm
Julie Albritton
Nicole Loser
Michelle Arnott


Middle School Enrichment Services

At the middle-school level, we currently offer enriched English and math courses:

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth
Power Literature 6 Power Literature 7 Power Literature 8
Enriched Math 6 Advanced Math 7

Algebra I (H)
Geometry (H)*

Students are eligible for these courses, based our our two-step Middle School Enrichment Qualification Process. 

High School Enrichment Services

Dunlap High School offers an array of options for all students wanting to challenge themselves academically. Honors-level courses are available in each of the following departments:

  • Business
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Additionally, for the 2019-20 school year, DHS will offer 16 Advanced Placement courses. Among the College Board's course list, we will be offering:

Biology Studio Art: 2D Design
Chemistry French IV
Physics I Spanish V
Physics II US History
Calculus AB World History
Calculus BC Psychology
Statistics English Literature & Composition
Computer Science English Language & Composition


Each AP course is year-long and in May of each year, students are able to sign up to take AP Exams to earn college credit. For more information about our course offerings, choose the appropriate document on the Curriculum Guides page on the DHS website. For more information about AP testing, see the College Board website

1:1 Technology Initiative

To coincide with our district mission to empower students to achieve their individual potential, Dunlap CUSD #323 began researching a 1:1 technology initiative in 2014. After multiple site visits, piloting programs throughout our district, and ongoing refinement through our 1:1 Technology Committee, we began device deployment during the 2017-18 school year. 

The vision of the 1:1 Technology Program is to enhance and transform learning opportunities, while providing all students with equitable access to technology. Please visit our 1:1 Technology Website for more information.

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