DVMS Music Department Add/Drop Dates

Students currently enrolled in Dunlap Valley Middle School may add/drop choir, orchestra or band courses from their schedules at the beginning of each semester.  

Fall Semester - The deadline for fall semester add/drop is September 3, 3019.

Spring Semester - The deadline for spring semester add/drop is Friday, January 17, 2020.

Students who move into the district during a given semester MAY add music courses to their schedule upon enrollment.

Music Information Packet

Music Department Shirt Order Form

Grading information

Compelling Studies Favoring Music Education

Music Calendar

Fall Concert - Monday, October 28

Additional Music Department Information

Band and Orchestra Instruments

Band and orchestra instruments are much like automobiles, all makes and models are not equal! Resale values, ability to acquire parts/repair, and quality of sound varies. Please do not hesitate to contact the music department with questions when buying new or used. We will be glad to arm you with the information you need to make a sound investment.

Kidder Music

Kidder Music services our school district. Their store is located just off Pioneer Parkway directly behind Sherwin-Williams Paint Store on Crestline Drive. They are open Monday through Thursday from 9am-6pm and Friday from 9am–5:30 pm. Saturdays they are open from 9:30am3:30pm. Reeds, oils, supplies, books, music etc for your student can be purchased there. The store phone number is 692-4040. They also have a website at

Private Lessons

Private lessons are something many students indicate an interest in. We recommend accomplished adult musicians that we feel are not only excellent musicians on their instruments and voices, but relate well to young people. Please contact the directors for names and phone numbers.

Music Department Dress Code

All 6 through 8th grade musicians will need a music department polo shirt AND t-shirt. These are available to order at the beginning of each school year. Students wear these shirts at concerts, competitions, and music field trips along with black dress pants/skirts, black socks/hose, and SOLID BLACK SHOES. Young ladies should consider the length of skirts when seated.

Sports/Clubs Conflicts

Sports and club conflicts are handled between the music directors and school coaches/administration. MOST of our students are involved in extra-curricular sports or activities such as student council, scholastic bowl, dance, cheerleading, etc. MANY are involved with SEVERAL! It is our philosophy to support our musicians with their talents as best we can

Music Department Grading

Music Department grading is based on practice/preparation, attendance and classroom participation. Specific ensemble expectations and policies will be posted to the school website under Activities.

Study Hall

The most frequently asked question and concern for parents is; “Doesn’t my child NEED their study hall?” It has been our experience that nearly all of our students learn to budget their time wisely. The intellectual and social benefits of a music education are immeasurable.

Band Information

Director of Bands

The Director of Bands is Tina Holloway. 

Mrs. Holloway is a graduate of NIU and holds Masters hours from the American Band College at Southern Oregon University. She has taught in central Illinois for the past 33 years; both at the high school and middle school levels. In addition, she was an adjunct music instructor at Bradley University for several years.

Mrs. Holloway can be reached at 243-1034 or via e-mail:

Marching Band

Marching Band is for 7th and 8th grade band students. They perform in the High School homecoming parade each year. 7th and 8th grade Choir and Orchestra students should plan to “march” along with the band block to show their school/Valley Music pride! DHS Homecoming Parade 2018 is Thursday, September 20st after school.

Band Rehearsals

Band Rehearsals are held during the school day. Sixth grade students have two rehearsals per week during study hall. (Monday and Wednesday) Seventh and eighth grade students rehearse during study hall on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Group Band Lessons

Group band lessons are taught during either study hall or SLC/advisory time one time per week. Schedules will be posted beginning the 2nd full week of school.

Jazz Band

Jazz band for 7-8th grades meet on Tuesdays. Likewise, these rehearsals are during study hall. Please see below if your student is also in choir.

Woodwind Supplies

Clarinet and Saxophone students should be playing on reeds classified as “2 ½ strength” for 6th grade and higher for some 7/8th grade students. Reeds of a lower number are too soft for this age student and will produce a poor sound. Reeds make a huge difference in sound quality; therefore, we suggest ONLY Rico; Rico Royal; or Van Doren brands. (Van Doren being the highest quality)

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