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Welcome to the music department at Dunlap Middle School! I look forward to
this being another truly outstanding year for all of our music ensembles. The
classroom management policies for my class are as follows:
* All students must maintain a C- average in chorus to remain in the program.
Assessments will be conducted at quarter and semester. Students below
required grade could be left out of performances/field trips or returned
to study hall.
* Grading is based on attendance, performances, conduct, daily work, and
performance quizzes.
* Deadline for Chorus add or drop is September 6th - 1 st semester and Jan. 17 th - 2 nd
semester. All other requests will be subject to office discretion.
* Grades will be lowered according to the following scale:
2% for not having all required materials-book, pencil, folder, etc.
3% for chewing gum or eating candy
3% for a skipped lesson or rehearsal
25% for an unexcused absence from a required performance
* No student should miss chorus to take a test or use the library. Those activities
should be planned for before/after school or during Panther Pride.
* If a student must miss a required performance, parents should send a note notifying
their director at least one week prior to the performance. Absence from S&E
Contest requires a month minimum due to nature of performance. Notes must
state a reason for the absence to be considered. Upon approval, this will excuse
the student from that performance. An alternate assignment will not be
* Discipline Plan: Your student will receive a verbal warning for poor
behavior/performance in class. If the student has to be spoken to again they will
lose a portion of their daily grade. Further disruption will result in a trip to the
office and parents will receive an email/phone call. If there is no improvement,
the student will receive an office referral for detention. Continued disruption
could result in removal from the program.
If you have any questions, please give us a call so that we may avoid any
confusion. Let’s make this the best year ever at Dunlap Middle School!

Ms. Reece

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