Director - Jen Reece


Welcome to the music department at Dunlap Middle School! I look forward to this being another truly outstanding year for all of our music ensembles. The classroom management policies for my class are as follows:

  • All students must maintain a C- average in chorus to remain in the program. Assessments will be conducted at quarter and semester. Students below required grade could be left out of performances/field trips or returned to study hall.
  • Grading is based on attendance, performances, conduct, daily work, and performance quizzes.
  • Deadline for Chorus add or drop is September 7th - 1 st semester and Jan. 18 th - 2 nd semester. All other requests will be subject to office discretion.
  • Grades will be lowered according to the following scale: 2% for not having all required materials-book, pencil, folder, etc. 3% for chewing gum or eating candy 3% for a skipped lesson or rehearsal 25% for an unexcused absence from a required performance
  • No student should miss chorus to take a test or use the library. Those activities should be planned for before/after school or during advisory.
  • If a student must miss a required performance, parents should send a note notifying their director at least one week prior to the performance. Absence from S&E Contest requires a month minimum due to nature of performance. Notes must state a reason for the absence to be considered. Upon approval, this will excuse the student from that performance. An alternate assignment will not be assigned.
  • Discipline Plan: Your student will receive a verbal warning for poor behavior/performance in class. If the student has to be spoken to again they will lose a portion of their daily grade. Further disruption will result in a trip to the office and parents will receive an email/phone call. If there is no improvement, the student will receive an office referral for detention. Continued disruption could result in removal from the program.

Fall Concert Reminders

Just some reminders as our first two vocal performances are next Thursday, Oct 18 th, 2018, in the DHS Auditorium. Due to our increasing numbers in the choral program and the wonderfully large crowds that attend our show, the Fall Choral Concert will have two performances again this year. First will be a 1:45 PM matinee. This is primarily a learning opportunity for the chorus students, grades 6-12, to see the whole concert; to see where they are going in the future and where they have come from. However, all parents, grandparents, and community members are encouraged to attend the matinee. The second performance will begin at 7:00 PM. The performances are identical. Dress for both performances is:

6 th, 7th, & 8th Girls and Boys – No exceptions BLACK pants or longer BLACK skirt w/ their gray (BLACK leggings can be worn under shorter skirts) DMS Chorus shirt (tucked in) and Black shoes THE ONLY COLOR FOR PANTS AND SKIRTS IS ALL BLACK. (The type of fabric and darkness/lightness of the BLACK color may vary.) NO CAPRI PANTS, NO SHORTS, NO MINI SKIRTS The students have known the dress code for several months and were instructed to inform you in time to make suitable arrangements. This was also a discussion at Back To School Night.

Students will be released from class for the afternoon performance in time to change clothes and travel to the HS. For the evening performance, students need to be at DHS in their assigned room/seat by 6:45 PM. The concert should be over around 8:00 PM and students will then be allowed to leave. If you have any questions, please email me at, and I’ll be happy to help. These are required concert listed on your DMS Music Calendar. A $2 donation will be taken at the door by the DHS Music Boosters and students are required be at both performances, staying for the entire concert. Thank you for your continued support – Ms. Reece

Solo and Ensemble Reminders

  • Contest is FRIDAY 3/9!!!!! Yeah! Schedules have already been sent home. We will leave DMS at 2:00 PM for ICC East Peoria. If you are not riding the bus with us, please bring a note stating that your folks will drive you in plenty of time for your performance.
  • Don’t forget your dress clothes and $ for snacks. No jeans, t’s or sweats, please. Look nice. 
  • You should arrange now for a ride home, there is no bus home until the contest is over, then just activity bus. You may leave when all of your own performances are over as you do not have to stay the entire evening to watch all of the DMS events. You may stay if you like
  • You may not leave ICC with anyone other than the adult responsible for picking you up. If there are large breaks between your events, your parents may take you off campus. Sign out!!
  • Remember you are representing Dunlap Middle School. You will be respectful to all performers. (Don’t talk, giggle, or distract performers in the contest rooms or be loud in the halls.) No cell phones or electronic devises should ever be seen outside of the cafeteria. Many people have worked very hard for this day and want to do their best. I do not have time to discipline you. If there are problems, parents will be called and you will leave the contest.
  • Do not bring valuables. Homerooms will not be locked. Your books and coats will be fine
  • Maps, schedules, and sign out sheets will be available in the homeroom. ROOM 229A
  • Contest workers, security, and all teaching staff are in charge. PLEASE RESPECT THEM.
  • You are performing: No gum or candy in your mouth, be professional (not silly) in the contest room at all times, if you are in a chamber choir we will line up first and go in when it is time, find a place to look at in the back of the room (where the wall and ceiling meet, maybe) so you can focus on your song, hands to your sides the whole time (no pockets or behind back), OPEN YOUR MOUTH (so that the sound comes out?), don’t forget to breathe (exhaling is good, too), and remember that your accompanist or I are right there beside you if you need help. Don’t panic, smile, relax, and keep going.
  • Please remember that your judge is not some scary person. You can say hi and talk to them if they speak to you.  They may have a great idea to help you for next year. Don’t forget your judge’s copy in the room; bring it to me ASAP. Use the schedule to find me.
  • Try to have fun and hear some groups from other schools. Maybe you will hear the song you want to do next year. Listen quietly, not a whisper when someone else is performing. You wouldn’t want to be distracted during your song, so be courteous. Cell phones/electronics should NOT be out at any time in the rooms or halls! Only homeroom/cafeteria, please. 
  • Be at your room NO LESS than 15 minutes before you are scheduled to sing. Rooms can run ahead of schedule; they can also run very late. Do not miss your performance because you thought the room would be on time. Remain calm if I am not there when your group or solo is called. Tell your judge that your accompanist is not here and stay put. DO NOT COME LOOKING FOR ME or send people to find me. There is a reason I am not there yet, and I will get to your room as soon as I can. Take a breath and don’t panic. 
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