DMS CHESS 2020-21

Chess will be played virtually this year.  Everyone has to join Lichess. This is a free website.  We will play all matches on Lichess. Each Monday you will receive an email with a person with whom you should compete against during the week.  It is up to the 2 of you to decide when to play.  You should play 3 games.  The winner should send an email to by the following Friday.   We will hopefully have tournaments this year.   So far Morton has contacted us about a tournament on Saturday, November 7th.  Tournaments will also be played on Lichess.  It will be your responsibility to be logged in on tournament days since it is remote.  

Everyone is allowed to join chess.  There will be players at all levels.  Lichess will help you develop your game no matter what level you are currently at.  If you would like to join chess, please fill out the google form:  You must pay the activity fee if you have not already paid it.  All tournaments and your chess rating fee will be paid by Dunlap.   

Please sign up on the form by Wednesday, November 4th if you plan on playing in the tournament on the 7th.  Any questions, please contact Mr. Black at