School Boundary Information

As student enrollment continues to increase in Dunlap School District, we continue to expand our facilities.

The approved subdivision list for the elementary school aged children is included below. The middle school attendance boundaries will be assigned as follows:  Hickory Grove Elementary School and Banner Elementary School will attend Dunlap Middle School.  Dunlap Grade School, Ridgeview Elementary School and Wilder Waite Elementary School, will attend Dunlap Valley Middle School.

As an added communication tool regarding the changes in school attendance boundaries, please click on the “My School Locator” on the district homepage to determine which school your child(ren)will attend.

My School Locator is only an estimate on the district boundary. Please use the Peoria County GIS site to look at your tax district if in doubt.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work through the school attendance boundary revision process.

*Note- the "My School Locator" website is a guide to help locate your student(s) home school. Due to the changes of Google Maps and other factors, residency questions will be answered using Property Tax information and consultation with school administration.

*Note- Given potential spacing and capacity constraints in various grade levels and schools, it is possible that new enrollees into Dunlap School Districtcould be enrolled at a school that is not the school listed as the "home school." Parents are advised to begin the registration process at the identified home school.

 My School Locator Website