Advanced Placement (AP) Information

The AP Grading System

Each AP grade is a weighted combination of the student’s score on the multiple-choice section and on the free-response section.  The final grade is reported on a 5-point scale:

5 -  Extremely well qualified

4 -  Well qualified

3 -  Qualified

2 -  Possibly qualified

1 -  No recommendation

AP composite score cut points are set so that the highest score for an AP grade of 5 is equivalent to the average score for college students earning grades of A.  Each college decides which AP Exam grades it will accept for credit or advanced placement or both; most accept grades of 3 and above.  The procedures and standards for setting AP grades are maintained from year to year so that the value of AP grades is consistent.  The awarding of credit and placement is determined    by each college or university and students should verify AP credit and placement policies with individual institutions.  Dunlap and other college web pages have a wealth of information to help you.

AP Exam Results

AP Grade Reports are sent in July, by the College Board, to each student’s home, high school, and any college(s) designated by the student.  At the time of the exam, students can indicate if they would like a college to receive their grade.  After the exam, they can write to the AP Program and request that the grade be sent to other colleges as well.  Students may also cancel  or withhold a grade by written request to AP Services.  The grade reports are cumulative and  include grades for all the AP exams a student has taken.

In addition to excellent classroom experiences, Dunlap High School offers support services for students through our counseling department.  Teachers are available before/after school to help students develop their analysis and writing skills.

Student Preparation

Some courses have required work to be completed in the summer before the course meets.

Additional information concerning the AP Program can be found at: