Citations and Copyright

What is copyright: the legal right to use, share, adapt, display and perform a creative work

What is plagiarism: using someone else’s work or ideas without permission or without showing credit to them

Why citations matter: Plagiarism can harm your reputation as a student or a professional. Plagiarism is also illegal and can cost you money if prosecuted.

                Develop good habits- cite all your sources, including images!

Citation Guides: 

MLA Guide APA Guide Creative Commons


Citation generators can be found online and within the school’s databases.

Finding fair use resources: creators allow for free use of their content. Content still needs to be credited (cited) to them.

Creative Commons- images, music, models 

Pixaby- images

How to search Google for fair use images: 

          1: Enter search terms


          2: Select “Images


          3: Select “Tools” to open additional menus

          4: Select drop down menu for “Usage Rights