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School Reporting and Response Guideline


Dunlap #323 is committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment. Implementing programs that address bullying, making personal connections with each student, and providing an anonymous system for reporting potentially dangerous situations are some of the ways we can accomplish this goal. We are pleased to announce that the #323 Safety Line tip program is now a part of our anonymous reporting efforts.

The #323 Safety Line system is designed to help students, parents and community member anonymously report past, present and predicted concerns in our school community. Information about bullying, harassment, drugs, violence, weapons, theft, or any other potential threat to school safety should be reported.

Anyone in the #323 Dunlap School community can make a report, including students, staff, parents and visitors. To ensure that we can respond to threats in a timely way, we request that all reports be made as soon as possible after witnessing or receiving information regarding an incident.  If you heard/read/saw something and it doesn’t “feel” right, please let us know!  We can only react and take action to help when we know.

Each Building Principal will be responsible for receiving reports from the #323 Safety Line. Upon receiving an anonymous report, the Principal may take interim measures to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of all parties pending the findings of the investigation.

Remember that the #323 Safety Line is NOT an emergency reporting system. If you need to report an emergency, please immediately dial 911.

All reports made to the #323 Safety Line will be received, reviewed, and investigated as expeditiously as possible.  Contacts made to us outside of school hours, over the weekend, or during holidays are welcome and encouraged when you are aware of a potential threat to the safety and security of our students.

Finally, the #323 Safety Line is not intended to replace direct contact with school administration. Please feel free to directly contact school staff with any issues or concerns you may have. We take your security seriously at Dunlap and we will do everything we can to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Together, we can help stop school crises before they happen!

Your school is your home away from home; help keep it safe by reporting potential threats.

Remember: You Have the POWER and You Can Make a Difference!