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Project List 


Science Fair Project

Students will work individually or with a partner, from their science class, to investigate a problem or question that they have about a particular topic. They will work through all steps of the Scientific Method to adventually produce a complete project with a research paper. It is the student's choice if they want to participate in the DVMS Science Fair and they will be awarded with extra credit. All students will produce a project for a science grade.


Constructing an Atomic Model

Students will design and construct one of the more common elements from the Periodic Table of Elements. Models will be on display and will go home at the end of the quarter.

Atomic Model Activity 


Rock Cycle Fudge Creation

Students will work in small groups to reenact the process of the rock cycle. The end result will be metamorphic rock good enough to eat!

Rock Cycle Volunteer Page


Rock and Roll: Earthquake Proof Homes

Students will design and construct a home that is earthquake proof. The home will go through a series of test during the three day lab.

Earthquake Proof Home Materials List


HIstorical Astronomers Research Project

Students will work in groups of 4 or 5 to research one of the six astronomers/mathematicians that the Fusion book highlights. After a few days of work, the students will have produced a creative and innovative presentation and visual aid to teach their classmates about their chosen astronomer.

Project Research Guide and Rubric


Solar System and Universe Project

Students will gain an overiew of the component parts of the Universe and understand vocabulary and concepts related to this area of study.


Meteorology Project: Meteorologist in the Making

Students (independently or within a small group) will design and present a meteorologist report. They will research a state and a weather occurrence to produce this project.

Summative Project List