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Contact Mrs. Hochmuth 


When a Student Needs Assistance:

Mrs. Hochmuth is available in the mornings around 8:00. Your child must have a morning pass from Mrs. Hochmuth to receive help on any assignments. They can obtain this the day before seeking help in study hall. If a question arises the night before at home please send an email so Mrs. Hochmuth can find that student in the morning. Your child will have a study hall time allotted for them during the school day. He or she may come to Mrs. Hochmuth’s room during that time to receive guidance on any questions they may have.


Questions or Concerns:

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Hochmuth by email, phone, or by letter. Email is the fastest and most efficient way for Mrs. Hochmuth to keep the communication open with her student’s parents.

Please check PowerSchool on the DVMS website if you would like to be updated on your child’s progress. Also, every teacher on the sixth grade team posts all daily assignments for the week on Homework Hotline. You may find this on the top toolbar of the DVMS website. Check and compare this to your child’s planner daily.



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Mrs. Hochmuth’s

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School Phone (309) 243-1034