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THIS letter went out to all Orchestra students on 10/10/18 




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Detailed Information regarding each activity can be found on the

Dunlap Valley Middle School website at least one week prior to each activity.



Dunlap Valley Middle School Music Department Add/Drop Dates

Students currently enrolled in Dunlap Valley Middle School may add/drop choir, orchestra or band courses from their schedules at the beginning of each semester.  

-The deadline for fall semester add/drop is Thursday, August 30, 2018.

SPRING SEMESTER-The deadline for spring semester add/drop is Friday, January 18, 2019.

Students who move into the district during a given semester MAY add music courses to their schedule upon enrollment.

Music Department Shirt Order Form


Music Information Packet


 DATE                EVENT                            STUDENTS/SITE/APPROXIMATE TIMES



Oct 13                  ILMEA District Auditions      SELECT DVMS orchestra students @ DeKalb, IL 6:00am until mid-afternoon

                                                                               District bus pick-up and return to DVMS

Oct 18                  All-District Choral Festival     6-7-8th Chorus; 1:45pm Dress Rehearsal @ DHS.  District bus will pick-Handout                               up/return to DVMS.  7:00pm Concert @ DHS.  Call Time: 6:45pm   

Oct 22                 All-District String Festival       6-7-8th Grade Orchestra @ DHS.  7:00pm Concert @ DHS. Call Time: 6:40pm

Nov 1                 Fall Masquerade Concert       6-7-8th Grade Chorus, Band and Orchestra Members. 7:00pm Concert @                                                                                      DVMS.   Call Time: 6:45pm

Nov 3              ILMEA District 2 Jazz Festival    SELECTED 7-8th Jazz Band @ Streator.  Members from 10/6/18 auditions

Nov 10            ILMEA District 2 Festival            SELECTED 7-8th Band, Choir Members from 10/6/18 auditions @                                                                                    Augustanta College, Rock Island, IL.  6:00am – 6:00pm approximately.  District
                                                                               transportation TO venue.  Parents transport home @ end of day


Nov 17            LMEA District 2 and 8 Festival   SELECTED  7-8th Orchestra Members from 10/13/18 auditions @ DeKalb                                                                                6:00am – 6:00pm approximately.  District transportation TO venue.                                                                                 Parents transport home @ end of day

Nov 26           Instrument Step-up Night Interested Band Families Only 5:00 – 7:00pm @ DVMS Music Studio

Dec  13/15    PACC Choir Festival @ 5 Points    SELECT DVMS Choir students.  Washington Five Points Center

Dec 18 DVMS     Winter Music Concert            ALL 6-7-8th Grade Chorus, Band and Orchestra Members.  7:00pm                                                                                  Concert @ DVMS.  Call Time : 6:45pm

Mar 8             IGSMA Solo Ensemble Contest    Select 6-7-8 Choir, Choir and Orchestra Students @ ICC.  1:30 – 9:15pm /
                                                                                  Specific Times TBA. 
District provides bus to ICC, East Peoria.  Parents may
Parents provide transport home @ Conclusion of student’s

Apr 15          DVMS Spring Music Concert         ALL 6-7-8 Band, Choir and Orchestra.  7:00pm concert @ DVMS.  Call Time:

Apr 26           Organizational Invite Contest          ALL 6-7-8 Band, Choir and Orchestra Members @ DHS.  After school to
                                                                                    throughout evening. 
Exact performance times are TBA


May 7           DVMS Tour of Feeder Schools         All 7-8 Band, Choir, Orchestra.  Field Trip during School Day.  CLOSED to the
Members In Good Standing*

May 14         Shoppes Concert Field Trip
                      during School Day                           
OPEN to the Public, 10:39 - Noon.  All 6th Grade Choir, Band, Orchestra
In Good Standing* @ Shoppes of Grand Prairie, Center Court