Office FAQ's 


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions of new middle school families:

 If I'm picking my child up early, do I need to send a note?

YES - Your student should bring a note to the office first thing in the morning and a pass will be given to him/her to be released from class at the appropriate time.


• How do I get homework when my student is sick?

Student worksheets must be requested by 9:30 and can be picked up from the office after 2:00. Homework is posted on the website each day by 2 PM. We encourage students to check that when they are home sick.


•  How does the lunch system work?

Students use their 5 digit ID as their lunch access. They need to memorize this number and type it into the keypad as they go through the line. Money may be added daily, weekly or monthly. Students may put money on their lunch account any day when they go through the lunch line. Parents may also access Café Prepay (from our homepage) to add money. Money added on-line will not be credited to the account until the next day.


• If my student is going to be late to school due to an appointment, do I still need to call the office?

Yes this will save you from getting a call from the attendance office. You may either email or phone the office directly.


• We are going on vacation and my child will miss a day of school. What do I need to do?

Send a note to the office at least TWO days before the absence. Your student will be given a planned absence form to take around to his teachers. Students are expected to remain current in their course work when they return. Teachers will assign a reasonable date of completion for missed work.  Please remember that per student handbook page 2, “If a student’s absenteeism becomes excessive (more than 10 days in the school year) the Administration may request a doctor’s verification before any further absences are excused.


• If I let my child’s teacher know that he/she will be gone due to illness/appointment, do I still need to let the office know?

Yes, it is not the teacher’s responsibility to let the office know. It is the responsibility of the parents. All attendance, whether it’s illness or vacation, goes through the office.


• What is the phone number for Transportation?



• Where can I find the sports schedules?

As the season starts, our sports schedules are posted on our website at  Click on the Athletics/Activities tab across the top.