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Finals Schedule Winter 2018 


DHS Finals Schedule Winter 2018


Wednesday, December 19th - 1st, 3rd and 5th

Thursday, December 20th - 2nd, 4th and 6th

Friday, December 21st - Zero, 7th and Make Up Exams



First Exam Day - Wednesday, December 19th


8:18 -10:03         1st Period Final

10:08 -11:48       3rd Period Final

11:53-12:23        Lunch: Teachers last name A-L (M-Z go to your 5th hour class

                           to study) 

12:28-12:58        Lunch:  Teachers last name M-Z (A-L go to your 5th hour class

                           to study)

1:04-2:44            5th Period Final

2:44-3:00            Study Hall in Commons




Second Exam Day - Thursday, December 20th


8:18-10:03         2nd Period Final

10:08-11:48       4th Period Final

11:53-12:23       Lunch: Teachers last name A-L (M-Z go to your 5th hour class

                          to study)

12:28-12:58       Lunch: Teachers last name M-Z (A-L go to your 5th hour class

                          to study)

1:04-2:44           6th Period Final

2:44-3:30           Study Hall in Commons



Third Exam Day - Friday, December 21st


8:18-10:03         0 and 7th Period Final

                          **If you have a zero & 7th hour you must move one to a                           makeup time       

10:08-11:48      Exam Makeup Time Slot

11:53-12:23      Lunch

12:28-2:30        Exam Makeup Time Slot 



On exam days, DHS will have an open campus.  Students must remain in the building if they are riding the bus home.  The bus will run on the regular 3:00PM schedule on Wednesday, 3:30 on Thursday, and at 2:30 on Friday.


There is a possibility on one of these days to have three exams.  You may work with your counselor to change one of your exams to one of the make up exam slots on Friday.

Check with your counselor prior to the week of exams.


                                       ** Subject to change if needed. **



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