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Dunlap High School is a comprehensive four-year senior high school with approximately 1300 students.  It is located in the northwest corner of Peoria County in the town of Dunlap.  The high school graduation rate is 90% and the low-income rate is 10%.






Beginning with the Class of 2017, a minimum of 21 units of credits are required for graduation from Dunlap High School.


4 Years of Language Arts (must include 1 Semester of Speech)

3 Years of Mathematics

2 Years of Social Studies  (must include US History & Civics)

3 Years of Science (beginning with the Class of 2017)

1 Year of Foreign Language, Art, or Career and Technical Education (CTE)

(Agriculture, Business, Family & Consumer Science, or Industrial Arts)

1 Semester of Software Applications

1 Semester of Resource Management

4 Years of Physical Education (must include Driver Education classroom

& Health)

Completion of the Illinois State Mandated Testing


C O U R S E    S E L E C T I O N 


Dunlap High School utilizes a 4.0 unweighted grading scale.  Class rank is a score ranking. 

G.P.A.’s and class rank are calculated at the completion of each semester.


HONORS/ENRICHED                                                                         AP COURSES

COURSES                                      DUAL CREDIT COURSES       


Algebra 1 (H)                                                                                        Biology (AP)

Algebra 2 (H)                                    Anatomy & Physiology (H)       Chemistry (AP)

Biology (H)                                       College Algebra (H)                   Calculus AB & BC (AP)

                                                           Concepts of Math(H                  French 4  (AP)

Chemistry (H)                                    Composition I (H)                     Psychology  (AP)

Geometry (H)                                    Composition II (H)                    Spanish 5 (AP)

Programming  2 (H)                          Earth Science (H)                      U.S. History (AP)

French 1 (Pre-AP)                             Statistics (H)                              Statistics (AP)

French 2 (Pre-AP)

Spanish 1 (Pre-AP)                                                                              Lit & Composition (AP)

Spanish 2 ( Pre-AP)                          Psychology (H)                                     

Spanish 3 (Pre-AP)                           Sociology (H)                             Lang & Composition (AP)

Spanish 4 (Pre-AP)                                                                                          

Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus  (H)                                                           Physics I (AP)

Language/Literature 1 (H)                                                                    Physics II (AP)Language/Literature 2 (H)                                                                    2 D Design Portfolio (AP)



Class of 2016


The class of 2016 had 6 National Merit Finalists and

2 National Hispanic Recognition Program Finalists.


This class also had 86 Illinois State Scholars.


276 Graduating Seniors

66.6 percent attended a 4-year College

26.8 percent attended a 2-year College

2.3 percent attended a Vocational School

2.5 percent enlisted in the Military

1.8 percent started the work force


Advanced Placement


DHS - 81 percent

Illinois - 62 percent

Global - 58 percent 

DUNLAP HIGH SCHOOL 5220 West Legion Hall Road Dunlap, Illinois 61525 Phone: (309)243-7751 Fax: (309)243-9565
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