Parent Resources

2017-2017 student insurance information.pdf2017-2017 student insurance information
2017-2018 Dunlap CUSD K-5 Supply List.pdf2017-2018 Dunlap CUSD K-5 Supply List
2017-2018 Elementary Student Handbook.pdf2017-2018 Elementary Student Handbook
2017-2018 immunization requirements.pdf2017-2018 immunization requirements
2017-2018 insurance claim form.pdf2017-2018 insurance claim form
2018-2019 Student Handbook Elementary.pdf2018-2019 Student Handbook Elementary
Allergy Care Plan.pdfAllergy Care Plan
Asthma_Reactive Airway Disease Care Plan.pdfAsthma_Reactive Airway Disease Care Plan
Birthday Treat Guidelines.Food Allergies - REVISED 10-2013.pdfBirthday Treat Guidelines.Food Allergies - REVISED 10-2013
Bus Changes- My child will be going where after school.docBus Changes- My child will be going where after school
CareDox Parent Information.pdfCareDox Parent Information
Cell Phone Usage.docxCell Phone Usage
dental form.pdfdental form
Enrichment Eagles  HANDBOOK 2015-16.pdfEnrichment Eagles HANDBOOK 2015-16
Feeding Care Plan.pdfFeeding Care Plan
Individual Health Care Plan.pdfIndividual Health Care Plan
Lice Practice 2016.pdfLice Practice 2016
Medication Authorization Form for website.pdfMedication Authorization Form for website
Physical Exam Form.pdfPhysical Exam Form
Residency requirements.pdfResidency requirements
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