Continuum of Services 



  Continuum of Services and Supports


We strive to continuously improve student growth and achievement by ensuring that, to the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities are educated with their non-disabled age-appropriate peers. Placement decisions are the responsibility of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team.  In order to obtain a satisfying and productive classroom and school learning environment the team must take into consideration the educational needs of both the student with disabilities and those of other students in the classroom. The IEP team also places particular emphasis on access to the general education curriculum and class placement when planning appropriate goals and objectives for the student with disabilities.  Students are placed in a program that best meets their needs and individual learning goals are determined through by the IEP team.  


Related Services:  Students may receive one or more of the following services as determined by the IEP team.    Common services may include Speech / Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Counseling, and Physical Therapy.


Early Childhood Services
Services for students aged 3 - 5 who are referred through a screening process.    Curriculum is based on individual IEP goals which include cognitive skills, social skills, independent functioning and communication skills.   Services range from a self-contained setting to a blended preschool setting. 


(Cross Categorical /Resource): General Education with direct special education support/ instruction outside the general education classroom.


The student receives special education supplemental support for the general education curriculum outside of the general education classroom.  Supplemental instruction is provided in a small group or individual setting using research based interventions based on student need.  General education teachers collaborate with special education teachers to make accommodations and modifications.


At the high school level, students receive supplemental support within the general education classroom through a co-teaching model.   Specialized courses in English and math are provided according to student need.  Additional support is available through resource study halls.


Students participate in general education setting to the maximum extent possible, as determined by the IEP team.


Direct Special Education Instruction (Instructional)
A modified academic curriculum is provided in a special education setting.  Curriculum mirrors general education with significant modifications in content, intensity, and pacing.   Students are included in general education setting to the maximum extent possible, as determined by the IEP team. 


Direct Special Education Instruction (Life Skills)
Curriculum is based on alternate assessment framework of the Illinois State Learning Standards. This curriculum provides academic instruction by primarily focusing on independent functioning, social skills, community- based instruction, and pre-vocational skills.  Services are primarily delivered in special education classroom.     Students participate in general education setting to the maximum extent possible, as determined by the IEP team.