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Social Emotional Learning


A definition of Social Emotional Learning:  Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which we learn to recognize and manage emotions, care about others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviors. It is the process through which students enhance their ability to integrate thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to achieve

important life tasks. Within the school setting, SEL can best be accomplished through a layered approach of skills lessons, infusion into the curricula and classroom practices, and an environment of safety, respect, and caring which models SEL values.




 SEL Documents

Policy 7_180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassmnet.pdfPolicy 7_180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassmnet
Student-Parent Resource List Current.docStudent-Parent Resource List Current
Student-Parent Resource List Current.pdfStudent-Parent Resource List Current
Performance Descriptors Grades 6-12.pdfPerformance Descriptors Grades 6-12
Perfmance Descriptors Grades 1-5.pdfPerfmance Descriptors Grades 1-5
Peoria Area Counseling Resources.pdfPeoria Area Counseling Resources
IDPH Suicide Prevention Information.pdfIDPH Suicide Prevention Information
IDPH Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline PSAs.pdfIDPH Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline PSAs
Coping with Stress - CDC article.pdfCoping with Stress - CDC article
Preventing Drug Use in Children_Adolescents.pdfPreventing Drug Use in Children_Adolescents
Suicide Prevention Resources for Teens.pdfSuicide Prevention Resources for Teens
Suicide Prevention Resources for Families.pdfSuicide Prevention Resources for Families
The Key to Friendship Presentation.pdfThe Key to Friendship Presentation
Policy 2_260 Uniform Grievance Procedure.pdfPolicy 2_260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
Social-Emotional Article.pdfSocial-Emotional Article