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Professional Learning Communities 

Dunlap CUSD #323 > Strategic Plan > Professional Learning Communities

 A key strategy of the District strategic plan is the implemention of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  PLCs are a research-based best practice that many schools across America and internationally have implemented.  View a comprehensive resource titled “Finding Common Ground in Education Reform- A Presentation of the Research” to learn more about the research base. 


In summary- “High performing schools tend to promote collaborative cultures, support professional communities and exchanges among all staff and cultivate strong ties among the school, parents, and community. . . . Teachers and staff collaborate to remove barriers to student learning. . . . Teachers communicate regularly with each other about effective teaching and learning strategies.” (National Education Association, 2006).  For a brief overview of PLCs, read the article titled “What is a Professional Learning Community


PLCs ask 3 key questions: 1.) What do we want all students to know and be able to do?; 2.) How will we know if they know it and can do it?; 3.) How will we respond if they can't/don't?  Teachers meet in teams to review assessment data, share best practices and idenfity strategies for struggling students. 


Teachers and Administrators: Visit the "PLC Support Site" on the intranet (login required).


Learn more about Dunlap's PLC initiative, including videos of PLC meetings and supporting documents on our continuous improvement portion of our website.



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