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Students will be taking part in student-led conferences with their parents on Thursday, October 23 and Friday, October 24.  There will be no school on these days.   


Bergner's Community Days 

This week, the oldest child in each family will be receiving an envelope with three coupon booklets for Bergner's Community Days Sale.  In the envelope, each family will receive three coupon booklets to sell for $5 each.  We do fundraisers like this to raise money for our school.  This is a great one because the coupon book pays for itself (first coupon is worth $10 and the books only cost $5) and ALL of the money collected for the booklets sold will go DIRECTLY to Ridgeview!!!  This helps us with things like buying new iPads, iPad carts, books, and all kinds of things we need for our school.  If you have relatives that live in different states that don't have Bergner's, they can go to our website and order booklets for other stores in their area (like Carson's BonTon, Boston, etc).  The letter you receive will tell you how to get more coupon books AND THERE WILL BE A PRIZE FOR THE FAMILY THAT SELLS THE MOST!  The prize will be a gift card of sorts for you and your family to go out and get ice cream!  More information on the prize coming soon.  Happy selling!


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