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Dunlap Gives Back 


Dunlap Gives Back Program


Description: A program to help students and families with school supplies, birthday treats/valentines, hygiene products, clothes and other needed items throughout the school year.  This program will protect families’ privacy and maintain confidentiality.


This program will direct families, teachers, and staff to one source and eliminate the risk of offending parents by randomly providing items to students without parents’ permission.


Background information: In 2014/2015 Dunlap staff completed a basic needs assessment.

The most significant areas of need noted were: school supplies, Breakfast/food items, hygiene, and clothing items.



·         If you are a student or family that has a need please click here to access the electronic form.

·         If you are a staff member who has a student that has a need please click here to access the electronic form.

·         The form will be reviewed and the student or family will be contacted. All information will be kept confidential.  No other staff will be informed of this request.

·         Example of items that MAY be provided: pencils, pens, paper, backpack, calculator, deodorant, shampoo, soap, clothing items, etc. No item is too big or too small.


We will do our best to help provide supplies requested, we CANNOT promise we can always help, but we will try are hardest!


If you would like to be, a person who could DONATE or help give to the program please contact me at my email below.


Alyssa Hart

School Social Worker