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Food Service 


Welcome to the Dunlap Schools Food Services Department. In alignment with the District’s values of continuous improvement through teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership, the Food Services Department also has a shared leadership team. We’ve created our own strategic plan on a page(mission, vision, values and goals) that align to the District strategic plan.


Our key function is to offer healthy and nutritious meals to ensure that all students reach their highest learning potential!


Specifically, we support our District’s strategic mission which is to empower all students to excel in a global society by being:

· Self-motivated learners

· Critical thinkers

· Effective communicators

· Skilled collaborators

· Responsible and culturally aware citizens

· Technologically capable creators


Links to Food Services Department Websites:


Dunlap CUSD #323 Lunch Menus


Choose My Plate






 Food Service Department Facts

 Favorite Lunch of the School Year Chicken Nuggets
 Total Hot Lunches Sold 349,259
 Dunlap High School Made and Sold 11,173 Sub Sandwiches in 2014-2015

     Food Service Department




Mrs. Lisa Leitner

Director of Food Service

Phone: 309.691.3955


  Banner Elementary School



 Dunlap Grade School



 Hickory Grove Elementary



 Ridgeview Elementary School



Wilder-Waite Elementary



 Dunlap Middle School



 Dunlap Valley Middle School



 Dunlap High School