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Curriculum Resources 



Illinois adopted the Common Core Math and English Language Arts Standards in June of 2010 and since then, district curriculum has been aligned to meet the rigorous standards. The new learning standards in tandem with our pre-existing high expectations are intended to empower students to be college and career ready upon high school graduation.


More specific information about the core standards and their ideology can be found here.


Math in Focus K-8


After careful consideration through numerous textbook reviews, the Math in Focus: Singapore Math published by Marshall Cavendish and distributed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was purchased for grades Kindergarten through eighth grades. Math in Focus is the American version of My Pals are Here! series currently used in the majority of Singapore schools.


Math in Focus emphasizes creative, critical, and enquiry thinking matching the rigor of the Common Core Math Standards.  Models will be used to assist students to visualize and see connections between facts and information. Young students will learn to solve math problems using concrete objects, followed by visual representations, and finally abstract representations (numbers). Students will learn the “why” behind mathematical concepts prior to learning the “how” (algorithm). The program is also unique, in that it will allow for a smooth coordination in content, skills, and vocabulary between elementary and middle school math courses.


Math in Focus Resources

Math in Focus Presentation

Math in Focus Website 




Administered to students in grades two, four, and six, the Cognative Abilities Test (CogAT) provides information about the level and pattern of cognitive development of students. The test measures general and specific reasoning abilities which are influenced by both in school and out of school experiences. It provides information on a student’s ability to learn new tasks and solve problems. These abilities are assessed in three ways: Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal. The verbal exam measures verbal inductive and deductive reasoning skills and includes items such as: verbal classification, sentence completion, and verbal analogies. The quantitative portion of the exam includes quantitative relations, number series, and equation building. The Nonverbal test presents novel problems to students using geometric shapes and figures in which students must use strategies for dealing with new material.


You can visit the Cogat website for more details about the assessment and how to interpret your student's ability profile by clicking here. Additionally, you can review the district-created presentation in regards to the CogAT by clicking here.


World Language Wiki

View the K-3 Spanish World Language Wiki for information and resources about our elementary school world language program.