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Quick Facts 



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-K-12 Large Unit District (LUDA Member)

-Total Enrollment: 4,463 (Data from 2016 District Report Card)

-Serving an estimated 21,738 residents from the communities of:  Dunlap, Edelstein, Edwards, Northern Peoria, and Princeville

-62 Square Miles

-Unit District was formed on July 1, 1969 (Read more on the history of Dunlap School District)

-Registered Voters:  15,652


Leading Employers: 

-*Caterpillar Inc.  

-*OSF Healthcare

-*Methodist Medical Center  of Illinois

-*Illinois Central College



-Number of Schools:  8 (View "real-time" student enrollment data by school)


Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)

-Banner Elementary

-Dunlap Grade School

-Hickory Grove Elementary School 

-Ridgeview Elementary School: 

-Wilder-Waite Grade School: 


Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)

-Dunlap Middle School: 

-Dunlap Valley Middle School: 


High Schools (Grades 9-12)

-Dunlap High School: 


District Support Services

Learn more about our support services departments


Special Programs:

-Learn more about all our student services programs online

-Special Education Services

-Section 504


-Social, Emotional and Behavioral Programming

-Bright Futures

-Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

-English Language Learners


Student Profile (Data from 2016 District Report Card):

-Demographics:   66.8%  White;  6.5%  Black/African American; 3.0% Hispanic; 18.9% Asian; 0.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; 0.1% American Indian; 4.5% Two or More Races (View "real time" demographic information online; scroll down)

-Special Education Students:  12.1%

-English Language Learners:  5.6%

-Students Qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunch:  11.1%

-Attendance Rate:  95.8%

-High School Graduation Rate:  94.8%

-High School Dropout Rate: 0.6%


Student Performance (Data from 2015 District Report Card): 

-Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards in ELA and Math - PARCC:  58%

-Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards in ELA:  60%

-Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding State Standards in Math:  55%

-Average ACT Composite Score: 24.5


District School Report Cards:

-View current and archived District and School report cards


Staff Information (2016-17 School Year):

-Total Employees:  667

-Administrators:  18

-Certified Teachers/Special Services Employees:  301

-Non-Certified Employees:  344

-Teachers with Bachelor’s Degrees:  49.8%

-Teachers with Masters Degrees:  50.2%

-Average Years Teaching Experience:  7.87 years

-Average Teacher Salary:  $51,393

-Average Administrator Salary:  $103,489


Technology (As of 9/12/14) :

-View "real time" technology stats

-Over 3,100 computers district-wide

-One computer for every 2.05 students

-One Smart Board for every 1.05 classrooms


Financial Information:

-Standard and Poor’s Rating:  AA

-Moody’s Rating:  Aa2

-State Financial Recognition Profile Rating: 3.9/4.0

-2015 (2016-17 School Year) EAV:  $867,878,384

-2015 (2016-17 School Year) Tax Rate:  4.604%

-FY16 (2016-17 School Year) Instructional Expense per Pupil:  $8,006.33 (Per Capita Tuition Charge)

-FY16 (2016-17 School Year) Operational Expense per Pupil:  $8,471.43


Operating Budget FY 17:

Ed Fund Budgeted Revenue 2016-17 School Year

-Local Revenues:  $27,072,246 (87%)

-State Revenues:  $3,173,253.00 (10%)

-Federal Revenues:  $876,895.00 (3%)


Ed Fund Budgeted Expenditures (2016-17 School Year)

-Salaries:  $21,752,136 (70%)

-Benefits:  $3,912,872.00 (13%)

-Supplies:  $1,595,852 (5%)

-Purchased Services:  $1,711,185.00 (6%)

-Equipment:  $166,051.00 (0%)

-Other:  $1,740,263.00 (6%)


Links to Local Resources:

-Peoria Chamber of Commerce:  http://www.peoriachamber.org

-City of Peoria:  http://www.ci.peoria.il.us

-Peoria County Health Department:  http://www.pcchd.org/

-Dunlap Recreation Association:  http://www.dunlaprec.com/

-Dunlap Public Library:  http://dunlaplibrary.org/

-Peoria Public Library:  http://www.peoriapubliclibrary.org/

-Chillicothe Park District:  http://www.chillicotheparkdistrict.org/CPD/Home.html

-Peoria Park District:  http://www.peoriaparks.org/

-Village of Dunlap: http://www.villageofdunlap.com/




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