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Classroom Learning Community 

Welcome to the Classroom Learning Community!   


The Classroom Learning Community (CLC) encompasses 8 components designed to instill a positive and collaborative school climate and an enthusiastic, participatory learning environment focusing on being better tomorrow than we are today.  It is about instilling the belief that being “good” is never good enough and that “the biggest room in the house is the room for improvement.”


A comprehensive model of a continuous improvement classroom can be illustrated in the Lotus diagram below.  As you hover over each component you can view a 1 minute video clip to learn more about it.   You can also learn more about each component using the links to the left.

View an 8 minute video to see how the Classroom Learning Community operates!


Putting it all Together; The 8 Components of the Classroom Learning Community from Matt Jensen on Vimeo.


View the video below to hear teachers talk about the impact of implementing the Classroom Learning Community!



Teachers Talk about Continuous Improvement! from Matt Jensen on Vimeo.